Standard Domestic Court Forms in Ohio: Good or Bad?

Standard Domestic Court Forms in Ohio

Effective July 1, 2013 the Supreme Court of Ohio has adopted a set of Standard Domestic Court Forms in Ohio which are approved forms to be utilized in the Domestic Courts throughout the State.  All courts in Ohio must accept these forms for filing, but are still permitted to make modifications and require additional forms.

The adoption of these standardized forms has been necessary for quite some time.  These forms establish a standard across the state and all courts, which is a very good thing.  However, people choosing to act as their own attorney in Divorces need to be vigilant.  Dealing with extremely important personal and financial issues, especially where children are involved should never be taken lightly.  While these standard forms may help people represent themselves, the question these folks always ask themselves is “Do I really know what I’m doing?  And shouldn’t I talk to an attorney and make sure I’m doing this correctly?”

Once mistakes in Domestic cases are made they can be costly and very difficult to fix.  Having handled Domestic cases as both an attorney and a judge I have seen many unfortunate people who have had to return to court and experienced great difficulties and financial loss because they chose not to talk to an attorney.

The Standard Forms can be found here:  Please bear in mind by posting this link I am in no way advising people to utilize these forms, or giving legal advice to anyone in any way.  Rather, I think it is important to help keep people informed so they can make the best decisions for themselves.  Prior to filing any of these forms please talk to an attorney.  Call my office for a free consultation to discuss your case at 740 357-1886.

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